Company History

• September 1983 - First computer software, product research and development study is undertaken.

• June 1985 - First computer hardware, product research and development study is undertaken.

• May 1990 - Company is founded in Milford, Connecticut.

• April 1995 - Company moves to its next home, located in Hamden, Connecticut. (See photo below).

• December 1997 - Company rolls out its production Version 3 of the Maestro™ Customer Database Package.

• June 1998 - Company is officially awarded a federally registered trademark for its company logo.

• July 1999 - Company undergoes first major expansion - doubling in physical size.

• August 2000 - Company is officially incorporated in the state of Connecticut.

• September 2000 - The Ultimate Interfaces website debuts; open for e-Commerce.

• May 2001 - Company launches its first major national advertising campaign.

• April 2002 - Company undergoes second major expansion - tripling in physical size.

• December 2004 - Company moves back to its founding city: Milford, Connecticut - tripling in physical size from its previous facility in Hamden, Connecticut.

• November 2006 - Company prepares for its next major product release, diversifying development into lighting products.

• November 2009 - The UltraLight™ Lamp Economizer Product is rolled out for retail sale throughout the United States and Canada.

Ultimate Interfaces, a privately held corporation, has diversified its product development efforts into Retail-Sale Lighting Products.  More exciting “Green” Lighting products will be ready for release in 2010.  Stay tuned for more information in the near future.

Ultimate Interfaces Corporation continues to be an Independent Software Vendor and Original Equipment Manufacturer of a line of shrink wrapped Software, and Hardware Peripherals for Personal Computers; offering full Customer Service, Sales, and Technical Support for its products. Having been a part of the computer industry as we now know it, from nearly its inception in the early 1980's, the company has an almost unrivaled base of engineering experience in the industry. Ultimate Interfaces is dedicated to the research, design, development, test, and manufacture of the finest computer products available to businesses and consumers alike.

Ultimate Interfaces Corporation

"If any of our growing line of products is of interest to you, it will be our pleasure to serve you now and for many years to come." - Thomas F. Arciuolo, Founder, President, and CEO.

Ultimate Interfaces Corporation at its previous location in the Wilbur Cross Commons Business Park in Hamden, Connecticut.

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