UltraLight™ - Product Introduction

Don’t be satisfied with the harsh, poor quality lighting of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), or the dangers of pollution from the Mercury they contain.

Despite a decade of campaigns by the government and utilities to persuade consumers to switch to energy-saving CFLs, incandescent bulbs still occupy an estimated 90 percent of household sockets in the United States.

Contrary to popular belief, incandescent and halogen light bulbs will be around long after the 2012 phase-out of standard incandescent lighting, as advanced-technology incandescent and halogen light bulbs are phased into the marketplace by 2012.

Incandescent and halogen lighting is almost universally regarded as producing a far superior quality light output to CFLs.

UltraLight™ exclusively utilizes incandescent and halogen lamps, which are much less expensive than CFLs.  This product, based on a new and innovative patent pending concept in energy-efficient lighting, incorporates the best of both incandescent and fluorescent lights with none of the drawbacks!

If you, like most people, enjoy the lighting produced by incandescent and halogen lamps but wish you could take control of and improve on the lighting characteristics of these same lamps, then UltraLight™ is right for you.

UltraLight™ provides a small size and inexpensive means to effect user control of the illumination process.  It does this by putting you in control of lighting characteristics that until now were fixed by the light bulb manufacturers.

With UltraLight™, lighting characteristics such as power consumption, energy efficiency, lifespan/burn time, light quality/whiteness, ambient lighting coloration, and light bulb turn-on speed are now adjustable and settable by the user, simply by choosing the appropriate wattage ratings of the light bulbs installed into the UltraLight™, which is plugged into the lamp fixture.

By using the UltraLight™, you are put in control of how your energy is used, money is spent, and illumination characteristics that matter most to you for a particular application can be achieved.

UltraLight™ works by converting the AC input voltage into a DC voltage distributed across dual illuminating resistive loads placed in series.

UltraLight™ also provides for a slower light bulb turn on speed. This feature serves to extend light bulb life expectancy by preventing or at least reducing a premature light bulb blowout. By slowing the light bulb turn-on speed by a fraction of a second, this extends the period of time it takes for the filaments to achieve full illumination. This extended turn-on time period serves to decrease thermal shock to the bulbs’ filament, as well as reducing current surge through the filaments at startup, all to help prevent or minimize filament burn-out during this initial startup period, when the filaments are most vulnerable to blowout.

An important feature of the patent pending UltraLight™ design is a special energy return pathway where 45% of the electrical current drawn by this device is returned right back to the power company from which it is drawn so as to greatly increase overall energy efficiency and thereby reduce the cost of illumination by decreasing energy usage.

UltraLight™ benefits:

Depending on the light bulb combination you select, choose from the added benefits of either:

Energy Saver Mode™

or the preferred Bulb Saver Mode™

Case study (2 possible examples of operation):

I) You may wish to operate your UltraLight™ in the preferred Bulb Saver Mode™ simply by installing 2 standard 100 Watt incandescent light bulbs into this device.  By doing so, you will receive the following:

II) You may wish to operate your UltraLight™ in Energy Saver Mode™ simply by installing 2 standard incandescent light bulbs:  a 100 Watt, and a 40 Watt.  By doing so, you will receive the following:

The UltraLight™ solution is not meant to be competitive with CFLs in terms of energy efficiency.

UltraLight™ however offers you an improved, controllable lighting solution to stand-alone incandescent or halogen light bulbs, and an overall better lighting solution to Mercury polluting CFLs.

UltraLight™ can be used in a variety of lighting fixture types as shown below:


     Hanging Lighting Fixtures     Recessed Lighting Fixtures              Table Lighting Fixtures             Torchiere Lighting Fixtures


                                                                              Track Lighting Fixtures

                                     Incandescents    CFLs    UltraLight™

   Energy Efficiency

   Energy Savings

   Color Rendering


   Extended Bulb Life

   Reduced Glare

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